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Check your Internet broadband speed in under 40 seconds. The speed test usually transfers less than 30 MB of data, but may transfer more data on fast connections.


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To check internet speed test run the test, you'll be connected to Quantification Lab (Q-Lab) and your Internet Protocol address will be shared with them and processed by them in accordance with their privacy policy. Q-Lab conducts the test and publicly publishes all test results to promote Internet research. Bring out information includes your Internet Protocol address and test results, but doesn’t include any other information about you as an Internet user.

How to test download speed?

The download estimation is performed by opening different associations with a worker and at the same time beginning the download of a huge information record on all associations.

How to test upload speed?

Transfer speed is tried by turning around the arrangement of the download examination. Again numerous associations are opened to the test worker.

How to test ping?

During the ping test, the gadget sends a little information bundle over the organization to the test worker on the web.

How fast is your internet?

It's essential to comprehend that distinctive web speeds are important for various use situations. So when you test web speed, remember that the inquiry "How quick is my web?" must be replied comparable to what you need to utilize the association for.


The vital internet speed metrics

All these are naturally taken care of for you when utilizing Speedcheck. However, you should consider one urgent viewpoint to test speed precisely. Pick the correct apparatus. This relies upon the gadget you need to utilize, being a telephone or tablet, or a PC.

what is broadband connection

Broadband Internet administration genuinely is the most utilized type of Internet access due to its high access speeds; it is offered in four unique structures, DSL (or Digital Subscriber Line), additionally fiber-optic, link, and satellite.

Digital Subscriber Line

The DSL (or Digital Subscriber Line) web access makes its association by using unused phone wires that cause no interference to your telephone utility. The speed you experience with a DSL association fluctuates with your separation from the exchanging station.

Broadband Cable Connection

The broadband link association is given by the nearby satellite TV supplier. Here the satellite Internet association speed differs with the quantity of clients on the administration at a particular point as expected. Given a particular geological region.


The most current broadband assistance is fiber-optic, which is the quickest Internet association up to this point. Be that as it may, this sort of Internet administration is as yet in its earliest stages as its administration regions are very restricted and in light of the fact

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Very nice website the only reason pepole say this is inaccurate is because they dont realize that there is a huge difference between Mbps unit and MB/s unit so if you want the test with the right unit just go into settings and change the unit

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I use this to keep track of how fast hotel wifi works. When you pay extra for the high speed internet speed test keeps em honest

Dimple Singh

SpeedTeste added a VPN function within the speed test app. Trial, 2 GB per month, pay for more GBs. Comment: When the VPN is running, sometimes it is mentioned in the Android notifications. But sometimes it's not. It's more convenient -- and an effective reminder -- if the VPN is always mentioned in ...

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